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Life Reinsurance




Wilton Re’s focus is the North American life insurance market where we provide risk capital and related services including M&A and Inforce acquisitions. The Wilton Re group is an industry leader for M&A services and Inforce Solutions. Wilton Re’s Inforce Solutions provide clients with proven methods for achieving operational and expense efficiencies and enhanced capital management. We offer a combination of risk transfer and comprehensive administration services for the complete exit of a particular portfolio or business or to support the continuing operations.

Wilton Re tailors its solutions for clients based on their circumstances and objectives. Through our structuring approach, we balance risk management, capital and operating efficiency objectives to achieve the best execution for our clients. Transactions may include most categories of life insurance policies as well as fixed and life contingent annuities

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Laquita Zuill

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www.wiltonre.com www.wiltonre.bm