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Captive insurance companies are wholly owned legal entities that are formed and owned by organisations to underwrite all, or a selection of, the risks of that organisation and occasionally its affiliates, such as customer insurance programmes linked to the products and services they provide.

They can provide some compelling benefits and are especially worth considering if your business is currently spending more than USD 3 million or you are retaining high levels of risk through policy deductibles. Alternatively, companies spending lower amounts may want to consider the Rent-A-Captive or Cell Captive facilities we offer in Bermuda and Guernsey. A captive enjoys accounting and tax benefits, as well as allowing you to:

*Formalise your cover for uninsurable risks

*Reduce your dependence and expenditure on the insurance market

*Recapture the underwriting profits and investment income otherwise earned by commercial provider

*Gain access to wider insurance market for possible improved terms and wider coverage

JLT Insurance Management provides leading corporations with Captive Management services in Barbados, Bermuda, Guernsey, Malta, Singapore and the United States. With annual written premiums and assets of over USD 2.2 billion and USD 7 billion respectively, we’ve a proven track record in helping clients choose a fitting domicile for their Captive Insurance company by evaluating business goals and operational issues. In fact, over 20 of our current captives have transferred from other Captive Insurance managers. This is due to the active involvement of our highly experienced senior managers. Contact JLT for expert advice on a range of issues related to Captives, including:

*Full service captive management

*Forming a captive insurance company

*Maximising the return of your existing captive

*Evaluating the location of your captive

*Developing new and existing captive programmes

*Closing your captive down

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JRG Reinsurance Company Ltd.

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James River Group Holdings Ltd.

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